PXL_20230620_163630067.PORTRAIT.jpgAt CGI we have great opportunities for teens to give back to our community in a wholesome, fun and loving environment. 

If you would like to join our volunteer staff team please click here to fill out the staff application form. 

Our positions include: 

Counselor In Training - Grades 6-8
Positions Available: 

  • - Head counselor and Director assistant
  • - Assisting in a main division bunk (grade 7-8 only) 

(For assisting in Preschool classes, please reach out to Mrs. Chesney of Jewish Preschool of the Arts [email protected])


  • Gain leadership skills and work experience in a fun environment. 
  • CITs join all trips and swim 3 times a week. 
  • Please note there is a small weekly fee to join as a counselor in training ($50). 
  • This position is not available the weeks of CTeen Xtreme camp (July 1-12) which is geared for middle schoolers. 


Co-Counselor: Grades 9-12:

  • Co-counselors will work in main division bunks together with a lead counselor. 
  • Though this is a volunteer position you will receive a small weekly cash stipend as a gift in appreciation for your hard work.